… very impressed with the quality, ingenuity and professionalism of your work. It was a very instructive yet friendly environment for the students to encounter a new dimension to Drama.
Head of Drama





worth every penny. Thank you for inspiring us all.
Drama Teacher





We regularly run devising workshops helping students away from the safety of Naturalism towards abstract, outside-the-box performance styles, including Physical Theatre.

Our devising workshops help students prepare for exam work and can take place in the context of theatre styles and practitioners such as Artaud and Grotowski.




We are often brought in

  • at the beginning of the process to introduce students to a range of approaches

  • half way through rehearsals to aid the creative process and help with editing and selection or,

  • towards the end, to focus on polishing and refining final performance.

Thank you again for another outstanding workshop; it certainly inspired and informed the students. The following afternoon, we were surprised by the group's realisation of a task; the first exciting work we have seen any of them create! You really succeeded in making them think about theatre in new and fresh ways, thank you.
Head of Drama






They were absolutely raving about their experience … I was particularly pleased for one of my sixth form who seemed to find himself listened to for possibly the first time in ages!
Head of Drama