English A-level Workshops

Drama workshops for English students have a different structure and may include greater discussion, a more critical element, and prepare for exam questions which address form and structure, staging, interpretation and directorial issues. No acting ability necessary!

The pupils were clearly captivated from the start, and I was delighted at how positively they responded, and pleased at how readily many of them involved themselves, and this was entirely owing to your superb manner with them.
Head of English





They were really clued into the play after working with you... we were really pleased.
English Teacher




You have given them a lot of invaluable and practical material to prepare them for the exam
English Teacher




the students have been really enriched by what you did. For some, it has illuminated and made understanding of their texts much more evident; for others, it has provoked thought and consideration of the ways in which characters and ideas can be approached.
English A-level Teacher




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