Practioners and Theatre Styles

Putting Theory into Practice – Concept, Context, Interpretation and the Director’s Point of View

…informative, inspirational and great fun. No amount of formal classroom explanation can convey what the Practitioners were getting at: the students have to EXPERIENCE the theories, both for their own understanding, and to fulfil the requirements of the exam. I felt that key concepts were unlocked for us.
Head of Drama






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Peregrine Theatre's practitioner workshops give practical experience of the styles and rehearsal techniques of leading theatre practitioners in the context of works such as Woyzeck, 4.48 Psychosis, Oh! What a Lovely War, Devised work and many others.

Artaud – Theatre of Cruelty, e.g. with reference to Woyzeck, Our Country’s Good, Antigone, Sarah Kane etc.

Beckett - Theatre of the Absurd

Boal - Forum Theatre

Brecht - gestus, Alienation / verfremdung, rehearsal techniques, Epic Theatre

Brook – Holy Theatre, the Empty Space, e.g. with reference to Equus, The Tempest etc.

Grotowski - Poor Theatre, e.g. with reference to Our Country’s Good, Bernada Alba etc.

Sarah Kane – the search for humanity in the heart of darkness

Stanislavsky – E-memory, Magic If, Objectives, Communion etc.

One-day Practitioner Workshop – compares and contrasts how 2 or more practitioners would approach a given text such as Woyzeck.

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Many thanks for another excellent series of workshops. Both groups of students really enjoyed the sessions and got a lot out of them. …and connecting the sessions to our 3 concepts was great.
Head of Drama





Year 13 were buzzing – and aching ! – after yesterday’s workshops. So thanks!
Head of Drama